trim «trihm», verb, trimmed, trim|ming, adjective, trim|mer, trim|mest, noun, adverb.
1. to make neat by cutting away parts: »

The gardener trimmed the hedge. The barber trimmed mair.

2. to put in good order; tidy: »

to trim up a room.

3. to dress or shape (lumber): »

The carpenter trimmed the lumber with a plane.

4. to remove (parts that are not needed or not neat) by clipping, pruning, paring, or otherwise removing; cut: »

to trim off dead branches, to trim dead leaves off plants; Figurative. to trim one's budget, to trim excess production.

SYNONYM(S): clip, prune.
5. to decorate; adorn: »

to trim a dress with braid. The children were trimming the Christmas tree.

SYNONYM(S): deck, garnish.
6. to cause (a vessel) to float on an even keel by arranging the load carried.
7. to distribute or arrange (cargo, ballast, or people) in a vessel to make it float evenly.
8. to adjust the relative buoyancy of (a submarine) by taking or expelling water from tanks in the hull.
9. to balance (an aircraft) so that it maintains level flight with main controls in neutral positions.
10. to adjust (the controls of an aircraft) so as to bring this about.
11. to arrange (sails) to fit the direction of the wind and the course to be sailed.
12. Figurative. to change (opinions, positions, or the like) to suit circumstances.
13. Informal, Figurative. to defeat, especially overwhelmingly; beat.
14. Informal, Figurative. to cheat; fleece.
15. Informal, Figurative. to scold; rebuke.
16. Obsolete. to equip.
1. to be or keep in balance, especially to assume a specified position in the water, owing to the distribution of cargo, ballast, or the amount of water in the tanks of a submarine.
2. to adjust sails to fit the direction of the wind and the course of the ship.
3. Figurative. to maintain a middle course or balance between opposing interests; adapt oneself to prevailing opinions, conditions, or the like.
1. in good condition or order; tidy and pleasing to the eye; neat: »

A trim maid greeted us. The entire family works together to keep a trim house.

SYNONYM(S): See syn. under neat. (Cf.neat)
2. well designed and maintained: »

a trim little ketch.

3. Obsolete. pretty; handsome.
1. proper condition: »

Is our team in trim for the game?

2. good order: »

to put one's affairs in trim.

3. condition; order: »

that ship is in poor trim for a voyage.

4. a clipping, paring, or dressing to make neat: »

The hedge needs a trim. I asked the barber for a trim.

5. trimming; decoration: »

the trim on a dress.

7. the condition, manner, or degree of horizontal balance of a ship in the water.
8. the difference in the draft at the bow from that at the stern of a ship.
9. the fitness or readiness of a ship for sailing as affected by the cargo, masts, sails, and other distribution of weight.
10. the position or angle of the sails in relation to the direction of the wind.
11. the relative buoyancy of a submarine, controlled by taking in or expelling water from tanks in the hull: »

to submerge to 100 feet and correct the trim.

12. the attitude of an aircraft relative to the horizontal plane when it is balanced in flight at a particular altitude with regard to prevailing winds.
13. the visib woodwork inside a building, especially that around doors, windows, and other openings.
14. the woodwork on the outside of a building used as ornamentation or finish.
15. the upholstery, handles, and accessories inside an automobile.
16. the chrome, color scheme, and other decorations on the outside of an automobile.
17. a display in a store window; window display.
18. film that is trimmed away and discarded, as in editing.
Archaic. in a trim manner; neatly; accurately.
[probably Old English trymman strengthen, make ready]
trim´ly, adverb.
trim´ness, noun.

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